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Political Correctness........& Us Folk At TradeTools?

Greg Ford

Well, what can I say, other than we are all encouraged to speak our minds here? Let's face it, we deal almost exclusively with hard working men & women customers who build, grow, remove, create, demolish & fix things, people who don't, or won't, or can't beat around the bush, the very people holding up the foundations of modern society.

Without them, our society would simply collapse, noisily & immediately!

And we like to think that we TradeTools folk are a lot like that nonsense.......salt of the earth.........hard working........honest.

So, if some brave soul comes to TradeTools & starts telling us that we can't say this, or shouldn't say that, then no worries, but they've probably really come to the wrong place entirely!

After all, if someone asks me my views on this current marriage debate plebiscite, I will tell them if they really want to know. But that doesn't, in any way, give them the right to start telling me that I'm either right, or wrong on the issue, otherwise they should have told me that they wanted an argument instead, not just my personal views.

Tricking someone into an argument is never okay as, like most free thinking people, I don't want anybody telling me what I should or shouldn't think or, for that matter, what I should or shouldn't say. That's my business, not theirs, & I don't like bullies anyway.

Obviously...... blurting out stuff that hurts innocent people is never okay.....but if it ever happens..... nobody is perfect.......doesn't take much in the way of guts to say "sorry"....... even though.......for some peculiar reason........some people seem to choke on that word.

As a smart man once said......"tough people rarely say sorry........weak people never say sorry!" No argument from me on that one either.

And, have you ever noticed what 2 words most busybodies start off many of their sentences with? It is the classic "you should"! And aren't people that start off talking at you with "you should" seem to me to be the types that rarely say "sorry" either?

But these days, there seems to be this hardened core of people that try & force political correctness on us all. It's almost like having to deal with religious fundamentalists from centuries ago who want to flay you alive for not agreeing with their strict weird beliefs. The politically correct, all too often, seem to think that they have some anointed right to force their beliefs on others whenever they can, whether it be on the causes of climate change, same sex marriage, tax law, religion, non religion, economics, cyclists, where you live, how you live, what you eat, the make of car or motor bike you ride, fashion, whatever. You don't have to look too hard these days to find some politically correct 'expert' who thinks they have some sort of inalienable right to mentally bludgeon you into their way of thinking.......'formal institutional character types' as some shrinks like to refer to them. They seem to want to rein indignant hatred on you if you refuse to agree with their 'illiberal orthodoxy' as I have heard it called, by someone far cleverer than me.

I have my own name for them.........not hard to guess what that is either.......or as the late great Ronnie Barker might well say....."a ducking crane in the grass".

At TradeTools, we buy things in, we import many needed things, we fix lots of things, we build lots of things. Renegade Industrial air compressors & pressure cleaners are a fine example of that........around 200 a 300 per month.......built right here in our great state of Queensland.....proudly by us. And that is one time when I will start off by saying "you should" ........when you want to buy something with a Renegade Industrial label on it......often made here by us. And "sorry" if you bought something else.......because it most likely ain't anywhere near as good.......absolutely no kidding on that one.....none at all!

And that's about as politically incorrect as we want to get up here. But surely that's the traditional Queensland way......& we are a Queensland company after all.......unlike almost all of our 'half baked ' competitors here.........& very proudly so I should say!

And thank you again Queensland......& to our great many friends just south of the border......for getting us to where we are today.

Greg Ford.

Director TradeTools.

(PS........& to our our great many friends just south of the border........."sorry" about the almost inevitable State Of Origin result........again!!!).

Probably shouldn't have said that........but just couldn't help myself.......hey......better luck next year guys......(again!).

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