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About Us

Firstly, THANK YOU!! for being our customer, one of the many we have been proud to serve since way back in 1987 when we began this company from a small 2 person store on Brisbane’s Bayside.

TradeTools and Staff

We are still a private organisation that includes 2 companies; TradeTools Pty Ltd & TradeTools Regional Pty Ltd. TradeTools Regional Pty Ltd is our second company created some years ago to primarily reward sales staff that had served at TradeTools for a full 10 years or more. These people have been granted full shares in 'Regional'; which now totally owns some of the TradeTools stores that you may visit. So, don't be surprised if you are served by a shareholder of which there are now over 35 of us throughout TradeTools! This ethos is probably one important reason why you see so many long serving familiar faces throughout all of our TradeTools stores, something that we are justly proud of &, we are told, a major indicator of a properly run, prosperous & very solid business.

Inside TradeTools Store

We have the broad philosophy of always attempting to be the best industrial tool company anywhere in Australia! We have always realised that this aim comprises many important elements including a genuine respect for customers, suppliers & staff in equal measure. We build upon this by attempting to offer the deepest collection of industrial tool products available anywhere, at prices that make our competition all but irrelevant! The bulk of our profits have always been reinvested back into our business to the extent that we have never used any loan or overdraft facilities of any sort, plus we own outright most of our store buildings & infrastructure. This very hard won low overhead structure reflects back in us being able to attract, afford & keep the best professional staff in our field whilst still staying famously competitive & innovative. We are the absolute opposite of too many modern companies that have a top heavy & expensive overhead structure lording over an underpaid staff base where poor service & rich pricing seems, all too often, to be the accepted norm!

Renegade Industrial Compressors

At TradeTools, we are often asked as to whether or not we offer franchises? The answer to this is simply that we do not. We have never believed that franchising ever works for long in the tool industry and we have watched throughout the years as it has been tried and repeatedly failed. We are an industry that, on the one hand, enjoys a relatively high turnover but, historically, survives on extremely thin margins. This is a mix that never really suits franchising as the cost base of running a franchised operation, in the tool industry, is way too high for it to remain viable and healthily competitive for long. From a competitive standpoint, none of us here could ever see how any franchised competitor could ever genuinely compete with a company such as the likes of TradeTools on an ongoing basis. Quite simply the figures just don’t stack up unless, of course, a franchised competitor was prepared to continually take to market competing products at prices considerably above those that we charge. Of course, the other alternative would be to offer inferior products to ours at similar prices but, in this particular industry, neither scenario seems viable or sustainable to us.

Renegade Industrial Compressors

You will see many products at TradeTools that are totally unavailable through any other company. In some cases we have helped develop these products from scratch, in fact we manufacture in Queensland many of our air compressors under the now famous Renegade Industrial brand. We also directly import hundreds of containers each year comprising all forms of machinery, industrial power tools & hand tools plus a huge range of accessories & consumables. TradeTools are also the warranty agents for everything that we sell so, in most cases, we can decide & act within a very short space of time should you ever have a problem with anything sourced from us. We absolutely believe in genuine, ethical, old fashioned service combined with proper in depth knowledge covering the full breadth of our range. And there is no other tool company anywhere that offers anything like the massive range of tool products in which we proudly specialise, in fact it is quite accurate to state that we are unaware of any other company quite like TradeTools anywhere else in Australia!

My family have been in the tool industry since 1948. My father created the tool company Glenfords which we sold out of many years ago & some of the original staff members from that early company are now working shareholders within TradeTools. Most importantly, all of us here at TradeTools never fail to greatly value your custom & we hope to be able to continue to serve you for still many more years into the future.

Greg Ford
Thank you!
Greg Ford
Director & Founder
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