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I could ask my grandma what Paslode do and she would immediately answer : Nail guns! But in case you new to the building industry, Paslode is probably the best known gas powered nailgun maker and after launching the Impulse Framing Nailer in Australia back in 1990, is still going strong, constantly bringing new technology to make fixing bits of wood together faster and stronger. Paslode have been making gas framing guns, finishing guns and coil guns (and the fuel cells and li-on batteries that go in them) for that long, you can tell they are doing something right. And for the air powered users, Paslode also makes real heavy duty air powered pneumatic framing guns, coilers and finishers too. TradeTools has the entire Paslode range available and is an authorised Paslode retailer, repairer and servicer. By the way don't forget to service your Paslode guns! Don't let your gun fail you on the jobsite, cause you stress and delays that would have been prevented with a basic service. We can service your gun at any of our branches, just give them a call.

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