TradeTools 2018 Snap Back Cap

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    Product Description

    Wanna look fly? Buy one of these! You'll be CAPtivated by these snappy numbers.

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    5 stars based on 22 reviews
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    easily the best cap I've ever slapped on my lid! went out in the sun without it on once and nearly passed away. slapped on this cap and the outside temperature plummeted to a comfy 22 degrees! only problem is, all the women i had to fight off while wearing it!

    madmanbrad , camira
    Ye boi

    Has to be one of the best (ONE OF THE BEST) caps I’ve slapped on my scone. It works a treat.

    Yaboicooncheese , Syd

    absolutely cracka hat love it

    eshay lad , cronulla

    madmanbrad has to be best rate I've ever seen!!! he is the best!!! shout out to him from the USA

    Daylon , usa
    Head glove

    Now I’ve worn a lot of hats over the Years, different styles and colours but this hat has to be by far the best. It fits the feng shui of my head and facial features flawlessly. Not to mention the comfort. Thanks MMB for puting me onto this life changing product. Get this man a pay rise!

    Pat mehiny , Pat mehiney
    Chur Cuzzie

    When it’s -40c here in Alberta Canada.... I always make sure to protect noggin with one of these.... the frost bitten ears match the colour of that hat.

    Luke , Canada
    Hat is life

    I wear this hat along side of my safety squints when I’m welding to keep OH&S happy.

    Rock Stone , Alberta Canada

    MadManBrad sent me... An absolute top knotch piece of head wearing equipment! MMB you’re a bloody legend mate!

    Calv , Tassie

    FAIR DINKUM best bloody hat if slapped on this turkey, looks good, feels good, it's that good I glued the thing to my head.

    Stanga , Vic

    The Hat is great! I've recently had to stick to wearing it only in public as I now have 18 wives and 34 mistresses in 6 different countries... It really is a game changer if you're a single lad looking for that accessorie to help you become chuck norris and battle the sun as well as being the manliest man Goodluck my fellow purchasers!

    @6056_andrew , Perth
    Boy Woweee

    What a rippa, nothing for satisfying then chucking on a trade tools hat, on a rip snorting 45 degree day and plunging down on a nice crispy cold VB.

    The hat lad , Melbourne

    Doesn't matter who you are or what you are wearing but put this bad boy on your head and BAM Instant respect! From 0 to 100 real quick! But is it unhealthy to never take your cap off?

    Daniel , Melbourne

    Madmanbrad is hands down THE DUDE! Give the old boy a raise! Hey hi hello from Cali ????Oh yeah.. buy the damn hat will you!

    Dougie , Huntington Beach CA USA
    Trust me read this

    This hat is actual the ducks nuts. Fits bloody good. Keeps the sun out me eyes and makes me happy as a dog with two d@#$s. Wouldn’t wear another. And also MMB you owe me a beer you cheeky dog ??

    Jordan Mcternan snap> Jordan.mcternan , Canberra braaaaaaaa
    Get a load of it!

    It was love at first sight, my legs began to twitch, my palms became sweaty, moisture formed on my brow all while my stomach fluttered with butterflies. I was at my lowest, regretting life's decisions, spending my last $14.90 on this hat. So there i was, contemplating my life, when in distant sight, was the post man. On the horizon, like an oasis in the desert or a mermaid out at sea. He stopped at my letter box. Never have I been so happy to open a package before. I will never forget the moment I first laid eyes on this absolute piece of work. This is the bee's knees of all headwear. Best thing i've ever slapped on my napper. 110% recommend!

    just someone in love , lalaland
    Bloody ripper

    Tell you what I thought Elon musk was the best inventor until this hat come along who ever made it is a legend I’d say it’s way better, slap this thing in your heap and it’ll take you anywhere without charging it unlike those Tesla’s

    Thomas , Tas

    Hello my fellow single men, after years of no women. MadManBrad recommended me to buy this hat, and BOOM. Overnight I became a local legend. I currently drive a Red Honda Jazz (not a real chick magnet). But then, the suspension bottomed out when from the copious amounts of women on the car. But Sheelas don't feel left out because for every 29 girls there were on that car, there was 39 dudes looking for some action as well. So people of the world. Just buy one of these hats and you can be as cool as me one day. P.S. it also keeps the sun of your lid.

    DADDY , Brissy

    madmanbrad knows what’s up!! ????

    Luke , Ballarat
    Pain in the arse

    I haven’t bought one but if I did I imagine I’d gain instant sex appeal and meet aliens both benevolent and evil

    Pete , Perth

    I’ve gotta put it out there I never use to get chicks but now I’ve slapped on this cracking cap onto my skull ?? I’m slaying left,right and centre! You’ve gotta give the legend who put this item on the website a f@#$@g pay rise! Top lad doing a top job with top end products like this sexy cap fit bah yourself one now!

    Sambo , Brisbane
    Legend Hat

    Grouse hat, but doesn’t protect the fellas from chasing after me.. all in all worth the money and great quality ??

    MadManBradsFan , Victoria
    best cap

    This hat is like nothing else, I am a Triton driver and never noticed by the ladies but as soon as I stepped foot out of the tradetools store with this mesmerizing $14.90 piece of perfection on my ruff lid all my troubles went away people now see me as the man who drives the meanest Landcruiser ute in town I am not able to keep the ladies off me I now have to keep it in my bag and only bring it out when I am feeling down.

    nick , brisbane
    Technical Specifications
    Brand TradeTools
    17 Huge Store Locations
    Have you been to one of our 17 HUGE store locations yet? Remember that feeling when you were younger and you begged your parents to take you to the toystore? Well now you can get that feeling back by visiting your very own tradie wonderland, full of big brand tools and accessories for all trades and serious DIYers.
    Australia Wide Delivery
    One of the great things about this interweb thingy is if you cant make it to a store, we can safely send out our products to you superfast, no matter where you are. Kick back, grab a cold beverage and get your tools and accessories sent to your doorstep or jobsite. Always buy tools responsibly: TradeTools Online.
    32 Years in Tool Solutions
    With an average of 8+ years experience per team member across the whole TradeTools brand, our team members have product knowledge unrivalled in the tool industry. Were not in it for the quick buck, we will give the right advice and tools you need for the long term.
    Local Parts and Service
    TradeTools is an authorised warranty repair agent for the brands it sells. Your tools are your livelihood. Being able to take them to any TradeTools location for quick repairs saves you time and money. It also means we have a huge catalogue of spare parts for the products we sell, increasing the lifespan of your hardworking tools.

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